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John Hurt by MolotovGTM

This is a very detailed vibrant picture of the actor. Your use of shading and graphite makes me think that you've either been to art sc...

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Gavriilia Andromeda Peloponnakos
Artist | Professional | Varied
hello, I am
Gavrilitsa Andromeda Peloponnakos.
I'm just an artist living in ottawa, ontario.
I should also say I'm self taught.
Yup. just muddling through this day by day.
Been at it since 1996-1997 [Drawing, not deviantart]
oh, and if anyone is wondering why I insist I'm a professional, well... I've sold some commissions locally, and I've been told "If you make any money at it, you're a professional".
I've got my own style, and if it differs from your own taste, that's fine. You don't have to look at it, now do you.
I'm perfectly aware that art is subjective, so if my collection doesn't fit in with your definition, that just means your tastes are different than mine, NOT that my collection isn't art.
by the way, if you like something, could you be kind enough to leave a comment on the piece?
Even if you don't,If you have a specific thing regarding it (And no, "it's crap" or "you suck" aren't criticism, it's just being hateful. Also, criticism should be somewhat constructive, not you fussing and moaning about a piece of art or attacking a person's character. That stuff is what politicians do, artists shouldn't).
Btw, anyone linking porn spam to any part of this profile or to my photos/ drawings will be blocked/deleted. I'm on here to post stuff I find relevant, not to help porn sites advertise their camwhores.
also, I have asperger's. If I say I like something of yours or favorite it, it means I like that piece. I'm honest about what I like, and if I don't personally like something, I just ignore it rather than say something nasty. Someone else might like it.
Art is a unique experience to everyone. that's why there's so many styles and variations out there.
also, if someone trolls my pictures, most of the time, I'm just going to thank them for their opinion, even if I don't agree with it.
I are trans.
Basically, what this means is;
mtf, or in simpler terms... mentally and emotionally female, but in a male's body.
The inside doesn't match the outside.
If this is something that you don't like, well that is frankly your loss,as I do plan on being more myself in the future. not sure when I will be able to start, but I do intend to.
If you hate those of us who are gender variant, that is your problem, and not mine. :)
I dislike racism, gender discrimination, sexuality based discrimination or all around bigotry.
one saying I try to incorporate (not always successfully) into my life is:
"That which is harmful to yourself, don't visit upon your fellow human being. This is the entire Torah, the rest is mere commentary."~Hillel
Not Jewish, by the way. Haven't converted yet. Can't honestly officially call myself one. But to paraphrase doctor number 11: (Replacing the bowtie) "Jews are COOL!"


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just throwing some random goal out there for kicks

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